Hello, Fairview Terraces!

Still Quezon City, but it felt like going out of town a little bit! To be honest though, if there’s no traffic jam, going to Fairview Terraces is a breeze. The most convenient route would be Commonwealth Avenue all the way.

Ayala malls are the best malls, in my opinion, and just because the Makati ones are by far the best laid out, and have most of the best shops, it surely does not mean that the ‘far-flung’ ones have nothing to offer.

It is our first time to try Project Pie here. We find it good! Plus points for friendly and cheery staff. Extra points for nice industrial interiors.

Tried the No. 5 with bacon – hit the spot.

They have a cozy customer lounge here, too. Lots of educational play things and books for the kids. The kiddo had a blast playing with them.

Time for a pit stop at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. We go here a lot because Akira loves their quiche and muffins.

Getting sleepy at Coffee Bean…

Time for a bit of play. She had such a great time in this playground. She’s at that age where the slide is just super exciting!

Trying the seesaw…

Before stomping around on the fake grass.  

Dinner before heading home was at family favourite, Cafe Mary Grace. Consistently good quality of food and the attentiveness and friendliness of the staff easily puts them in my top five. I only wish they could follow in Cibo’s footsteps and try to switch most of the greens they use to organic.

Giggle fest post dinner!

Ask her to pose, and she does this:

Not bad, Fairview Terraces! I can only wish you’d maintain free parking, but if you won’t, we wouldn’t mind coming back!


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